Thursday, August 30, 2007

going bac to ma sis place

now ngh waiting ma sis dtg amik
haih, mls plak nk blk ampang...huhuhhuh
btw, mlm ni is mlm ambang kemerdekaan
bt no celebration here
kena postponed bla ntah
mid 24 hours bk 2day
siot seyhhh..huhuh
nk p bt kena blk ampng plak
nvm la
maybe me going to bkt merah
but xsure ag
xpegi pom tapa
then cn bac earlier cni
ada menda yg kena setel...
la plupart (most) ma coursemates blk rini
besh tol diorg umah dkt
gue g umah akak jerla...
haih...really dono wut to say
sowi 4 melaluting..ngeh3x
till then

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

huhuhuh~ bienvenue@welcome to ma perst post kat blog...(",)~

tis is ma perst time tulis kat my blog....still dun haf thng to say or 2 b shared
ape2 pom, me wana say...camat datang to ma blog or bienvenue!!!!
enjoy yaself k!!!