Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011


a lot of words had been said...but we are not sure how people interpreted  them..I AM SORRY.

Ya ALLAH, ampunkan hamba-Mu yang banyak kelemahan ini.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Allah berikan saya kawan² yang baik


terima kasih kak ana for the strawberries! *i know sometimes u drop here kan? hehe*

Saturday, March 26, 2011

je me demande si...

when good things and not soo good things happened at the same time...can i handle them all?

*argghhh, xsk la!*

Friday, March 25, 2011

is unwell

sakit kepala tuhan sahaja yang tahu...


sakit tekak


hidung yang start to clog


the guilt that never fade away...should i say sorry to something that i dun even noe wether it's my fault or not...???

Thursday, March 24, 2011



watta! *it's here*

u r soo sweet AMG!

thnkss a lot awak! heee

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hak muslim ke atas muslim yang lain

Hak muslim ke atas muslim yang lain ada enam. Dikatakan, "Apa yang enam itu, Ya Rasulallah?" Rasul SAW bersabda, "Apabila engkau bertemu dengan saudara muslim yang lain, maka ucapkanlah salam kepadanya; Apabila ia mengundangmu, maka penuhilah undangannya; Apabila ia meminta nasihat kepadamu, maka berikanlah nasihat kepadanya; Apabila ia bersin dan mengucapkan al hamdu lillah, maka ucapkanlah yarhamukallah; Apabila ia sakit maka ziarahlah; Apabila ia meninggal dunia, maka hantarkanlah sampai ke kuburnya."
(Riwayat Imam Muslim dari Abu Hurairah)

dua bulan

dua bulan 

deux mois

two months

zwei Monate

dos meses

2 달

Monday, March 21, 2011

Last vacation!

*guling² macam budak kecik!*

p/s: i can't wait for may! heeee


now, i do really wish to have one more year here because i want this! 



i guess i do really have an enormous love for kamera polaroid

1 year ago, i bought this..hahaha

*ikau sudah tara betol maaaaaa*

p/s: JANGAN NAK MENGADA²....*nekad untuk tidak melayan kehendak ini*

pat², good girl nisha..heeee

kalau saya di...


nak ke ZOO!

nak ke AQUARIA


nak ke SABAH (wanna visit my Along)

nak ke LANGKAWI (along promised to bring me there)


nak ke PARIS (buat a real tour, jalan sampai lebam!)

nak ke DISNEYLAND (weeee, for 2nd time)

kat France neh due tempat tu jer yang macam best..hahaha

ok², keep on dreaming nisha..
final da dekat and i'm loitering around lagi..sigh~~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

back to the basic

zaman² i terer pakai tudung bawal..heeee

and after years

i start to wear it back..

even it took me soo long everytime nak pakai..but i like it
because i know..people love it too!
my friends cakap i look 
"budak baik and innocent" bila pakai tudung bawal instead of shawls..



and i wear it back because i know someone love it!



Lucu ngat aihhhh

disebabkan membalas banyak sangat komen yang wish my birthday, i gt a new syndrome...syndrom nak like suma komen kat wall...di luar sedar plak tuh. *semalam i replied every single comment, no copy paste because i wanna show how i appreciate everyone even xkenal pom..:p*...sampai senguk² u oll..hahaha

and this morning, my friend asked me about kedai ayam on my wall

guess what i did?

i LIKE it..even bnde tu buat apa nak di LIKE kn kn?

my friend: tgh hari zohor
pkcik kdai ayam tu katop dak?

 me: rini bkk whole day.awat aku g like plk? seng!

my friend: tahnya! igt wish bday ka? udoh² le..bday komé smlm je. ok merci

me: thahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, tau xpeeee!



u cant have the whole world by your side


Thank You ALLAH

Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to breath in this beautiful world for 23 years
and thank you for giving me an amazing family, and good friends.
a "heart"

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others

thanks for the wishes and les cadeaux!

Friday, March 18, 2011

REBLOG : oh my darling je te kiffe!

this post is taken from a friend of mine yang super duper sweet! hehehe..she thought that i din read it because i check my tumblr jarang².....kyaaaa! i feel blessed! surrounded by friends who love me..hehehehe

Well,hello my darling Husnisha Husain, will you really read this??!!…haha!
HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY OI! n welcome to the same level bebeh! xD
Wishing you a great birthday and everything you desire and deserve lah!
With much love,
Ainaa (:
*tak cukup sweet kan? haha..lantak pi la..nie pon dah rasa geli tekok..mueheh


it's super duper sweet ok!

plus the surprise just now!

i got a big cake, roses and a pair of lovely shoes that i've been eyeing from a shop.
thanksss for everything


Salwani too,

u both are super duper sweet
pura² ignored i...everyone mcm bz!
rupa² rupanya got suprise!!!


*mata berkaca² sbb terharu*

happy 23rd birthday to myself..:)

More Graphics Comment click here.

Step by step the journey goes on, 
Little by little it may seem so long. 
Forget about your past, you can't change it, 
Forget about your future, you cant predict it. 
Just think about present, you can handle it. 
Enjoy presents every moment & be happy.... 


and and

i guess next year i'll be celebrating 2 things  at the same time, on my birthday. INSYA-ALLAH


Thank You ALLAH...<3


I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.

terima kasih 

Ahmad Mustafa Geoffrey 

for every single thing.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boleh takkk????

Ya Allah, tuhan jer tahu perasaan bila nak masak and anda baru sedar yang 
anda tersalah defrost lauk.Instead of ayam, udang yang cheq cairkan...waaaaa, lama tggu!
3 jam tau dak? kalau udang xsampai 5 menet pom boleh setel daa..waaaa!

lapa², kene restart balik...


what a day kan?

p/s: bebiler check dulu noo cik nisha..:)

Insecurité linguistique

someone told me, "people who always talk and write in bahasa rojak have no confidence in themself"
hurm...i guess it's true. *for me la*
if i looked back at my previous post, all of them in bahasa rojak.

seriously, i dont know i'm good in which language:
 bahasa melayu standard secara lisan saya sangat bagus, but if u give me a pen and a kertas and ask me to write properly an essay...saya akan \(*,*)/ *surrender!*
loghat kelantan *kawe terer, cair habeh ah tapi ado gop hok royak kawe kelate fake*
bahasa english *i used to love it in highschool, n i had an enormous love in writing essays sampai my english teacher said i don't have to do my homework anymore (suka hantar essay sampai teacher xsempat nak check)*, but now??? not sooo good..selalu tersalah sebut ataupun tersebut in accent french, or i englishkan my french..:p
french? hurmmmm...nak kata bagus sangat tak jugak..nak kata teruk sangat tak jugak...boleh la...mais je peux pas dire que je parle couramment en français car j'ai toujours des choses à ameliorer.
spanish?? har²....i learned it for a year and a half...but i barely know few words and phrases...*malas kan memangla, i only study bila ade exam...heee* pero la gente española es encantadora! 
and i learned bahasa korea a bit...and know basic conversation like

chonen nisha hammida, pangapsemida!
pey gupaa!
nomu² chuahe
niga mida

but but but

je me demande toujours s'il y a une langue that i'm very good with...hurm....

*another post bahasa rojak*


The best thing about me is you.



*cheesy wedges...aaaaa :p*

i miss my besties!

A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely.

i can't wait to go back home and reunite with my besties.
oh god, i miss themmm soooo much!

*some of them la, i dun have everyone's photo*

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Have u ever felt jelous of someone's past? 

i'm feeling it right now...

out of blue.

*and i'm not happy with it*

Monday, March 14, 2011


Pesanan Rasulullah saw untuk kaum Lelaki : "Jangan engkau kahwini wanita yang enam, jangan yang ananah, yang mananah, dan yang hananah dan jangan engkau kahwini yang hadaqah, yang basaqah dan yang syadaqah".

1.Wanita Ananah : wanita yang banyak mengomen itu dan ini. Apa yang diberi atau dilakukan suami untuk rumahnya tangga semua tidak kena dan tidak berpuas hati.

2.Wanita Mananah : wanita sebegini yang menidakkan usaha dan jasa suami sebaliknya mendabik dada dialah yang banyak berkorban untuk membangun rumah tangga. Dia suka mengungkit-ungkit apa yang dilakukan untuk kebaikan rumah tangga. Biasanya wanita ini bekerja atau berkedudukan tinggi dan bergaji besar.

3.Wanita Hananah : Menyatakan kasih sayangnya kepada suaminya yang lain, yang dikahwininya sebelum ini atau kepada anaknya dari suami yang lain dan wanita ini berangan-angan mendapatkan suami yang lebih baik dari suami yang sedia ada. Dalam kata lain wanita sebegini tidak bersyukur dengan jodohnya itu. Wanita sebegini yang mengkufuri nikmat perkahwinan. Dia juga merendahkan kebolehan dan kemampuan suaminya.

4.Wanita Hadaqah : melemparkan pandangan dan matanya pada tiap sesuatu, lalu menyatakan keinginannya utk memiliki barang itu dan memaksa suaminya untuk membelinya selain itu wanita ini suka ikut nafsunya. Wanita sebigini memeningkan kepala lelaki. Dia tenguk apa saja dia mahu. Dia suka membandingkan dirinya dengan diri orang lain. Suka menunjuk-nujuk. Wanita inilah yang menjadikan suami dulu handsome sekarang sudah botak.

5. Wanita Basaqah : ada 2 makna:

Pertama wanita sebegini yang suka bersolek dan menghiaskan diri. Dia menghias diri bukan untuk suaminya tetapi untuk ditunjuk-tujukkan kepada dunia. Suka melawa. Wangnya dihabiskan untuk membeli make-up, kasut dan barang kemas. Wanita begini juga suka dipuji-puji. Kalau dia kebetulan menjadi isteri orang ternama dan menjadi pula ketua dalam kumpulan itu, orang lain tidak boleh mengatasi dirinya.

Kedua dia marah ketika makan dan tidak mahu makan kecuali sendirian dan diasingkannya bahagiannya.

6.Wanita Syadaqah : banyak cakap, tidak menentu lagi bising. Kebecokan itu juga menyebabkan segala kerja yang dibuatnya tidak menjadi, hanya tukang sibuk dan komen saja.

---Dicatat oleh Imam Al-Ghazalli...Wallahu'alam.


nasik kerabu! weeee~

first try and alhamdulillah even xsesedap yang dijual di kedai²..hehehe, ilang kempunan sekejap. Xsusah sgt rupanya, kene rajin and banyak sabar..hehehe

p/s: next project is cream puff and cupcakes...let's bake eberibodi!


i got rid of them...but they keep on reappearing...sigh..i'm sorry! JTF AMG....:)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

pelik ka?

am i a weirdo when i think that people yang wear kasut lusuh are cool?
only for CONVERSE i think..!
seriously...rasa sangat sempoi...
i do think that i'm weird because i just really know myself..i dun like my barang² kotor even sedikit pun. Kalau ade kesan sedikit minyak di tshirt, terus hilang mood nak pakai..kasut kotor sedikit, terus xnak pakai...kalau terpaksa..basuh la. Tapi tatahu since bila, i think that kasut yang lusuh and xBERAPA nak bersih ( converse sahaja setakat ini) sangat something..heheh
and nowadays, i try to make my only pair of converse (i'm not really into sneakers) kelihatan lusuh and UNCLEAN...sampaila my housemate tegur "cuba basuh kasut tu, kotor dah!"
and me?

sengih cam kerang busuk....(nak teruskan rancangan untuk jadikan kasut COOL, konnonya la ;p)

p/s: tatahu boleh bertahan or not sebab i cant stand wearing the same thing for a long time..:p

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i just cant do it..

been trying to draw your face...but i guess it's to hard, it's not that i don't remember your face anymore..
but...but....tears are blurring my vision....i miss you mom!

p/s: i'll try harder next time

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

plucking eyebrows

oh², it's just the title for my post..i don't do that.Seriously.
Eventhough i like the thing that we call as" melaram" like  make up.
Je pense pas que j'ai besoin de le faire meme si my kening xterbentuk sangat. But still, i do something with my eyebrows...i draw them with eyebrows punya celak..hasil dia like this: 

nampak macam terbentuk sedikit right? U dont have to pluck or trim your eyebrows girls, it's very painful i guess! tengok from video la...and hurm..people around me?. But the most important thing is "Plucking of eyebrows is not allowed in Islam bcoz it changes the way Allah created you"

The Prophet SAW said: Allah has cursed the Washimat and the Mustawshimat, the Namisat and the Mutanammisat, and the Mutafallijat for beauty, who change what Allah has created. (Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, and At-Tirmizi).

The Washimat are the tattooers, and the Mustawshimat are the people who are tattooed. The Namisat pluck the eyebrows to straighten them or to make them thinner, and the Mutanammisat are the people whose eyebrows are plucked.

hurm, however..dulu², i gt  trouble with my mother too because she thought that i plucked mine. I had to convinced her by removing the celak and showing her how not well-trimed are my eyebrows. 
but still...hahaha, biasala kan? 
of course a mother doesnt' like it when her daughter do that kind of thing. 
but, trust me mom!
i'm original..heheh

sometimes, when i watched people trimming theirs, 
i tend to say things like:

"hish, buruk la kalau lepas die tumbuh balik..macam semak samun *molot xde insuran*"
"kening da lawo baik punya tuh, why nak trim lagi?"

kalau orang offer nak buatkan,
i just smile and said
"it's ok, i love mine the way they are now"

even u dun do in ya today's life..u gonna have a risk to be influanced by mak andam for ya future wedding, trust me!
they gonna persuade you to trim ya eyebrows..*xsemuala, ade jer yang respek ya decision*
  that's why la, i have a dream to be a freelance punya jurumakeup yang clean from trim mentrim neh..hehehe

but it just a dream, dono ade chance tak nak blajo..too much dreams for a girl named Nisha neh.
tapi xpekan, biala..bukan kene bayar pom kan nak berangan? *hehe, ya fav phrase*

well², rajin plak la haih i hapdate blog rini, da kene tdo da neh, sok kelas kol 8 u oll! hehehe


some things

i guess this is what gonna happen when your partner don't appreciate you anymore...

Petua menghilangkan sakit...

You know, women always have to face a kind of pain that we call as "sesungut"...*ok², nak bagi petua neh, xleh segan²*...precisely, senggugut or period pain. Setiap bulan, majority akan mengalami kesakitan sakit yang tak tergambar...macam mana sakit dia? cramp kaki dan perot, backache,certain orang akan megalami "cherry berry"..:p and muntah² yang kerap, sampaila hari yang ke 2 or ke 3.sesetengah tu akan terdampar jer sepanjang tempoh sakit itu,Depends pada level PP masing². Owh yah, to make it worse..i gt a realtif yang sampai mintak dengan suami die nak buat operate nak buang rahim dia. Scary kan? sampai macam tu sekali. Orang cakap, sakit "sesungut" ni ada iras² sakit nak melahirkan baby, even a small portion of pain jer. Once my friend yang xpernah mengalami sakit ini *ade jugak u olls, tatahu nak cakap lucky ke apa*, asked me..."nisha, how it feels eh?"..i dun know how to describe it, "so explain skit² and cakap, tggula saatnya bila anda nak melahirkan anak nanti"....bulat mata dia! *hahaha, yah², i exagerated a bit*.

well², i'm one of those yang selalu jugakla mengalami sakit ini, sampai xleh nak buat apa².
but i gt a few petua, warisan from my  know-it-all  sister. When i was in Sabah, at my sister a.k.a my uncle's place..i experienced the first unbearable pain ever.It was so chaotic because i never felt like that, and thanks God cos i gt my sister and my cousins by myside. Tahu apa yang diorang buat?

Bagi makan mee maggi yang panas² dengan minuman coke yang dipanaskan sampai hilang gas die, so rasanya sangat manis. At first i was like "heh? jadi ke ni haa? da la maggi ngn coke, both bukan bende yang good for health pom.Mais, i tried them quand méme.Miraculously, it worked! serious tak tipu! memang menjadi...*menarik kan? please girls..try it too, i wana know wether im the weird one or not, teheee*.

Petua yang kedua, ini terjadi ketika di rumah di kelantan..again with the same sister, My along Husnida Husain. This time teruk jugak, nangis² siap.hahah * memang nangis setiap kali pom..:p*..Suddenly dia cakap, "kita try benda baru pulak nak? Tapi tatahu u can bear it or not"...apala yang dia nak buat kali ni kan...rupa-rupanya....i have to drink a bowl of air halba yang direbus! for those yang xkenal biji halba, ni rupa dia.

halba adalah sejenis rempah yang digunakan dalam masakan

Rasa dia?? toksah cakaplaaaaa...mak aih, xsodap langsung! rasa nak terkeluar anak tengkak bila telan air rebusan dia...sampai rini kalau fikir balik, still nak muntah. Yang paling best is...haaaa, lepas minum ayaq uh..badan anda akan merembes peluh berbau halba.hahahahaha...i was so mad at my sister sebab the whole day i tried to get rid of the smell. Bayangkan anda berbau sperti rempah ratus yang xdela wangi sangat.Seronok sungguh my family mentertawakan diri ini.Tapi, tapi...tapi..again i have to admit yang it worked...once again! Menarik kan? i've been wondering, manalah makcik itu belajar bende² ni semua, even my mother tak pernah gtau benda alah ini.

Few days ago i told these petua at my friend, her reaction was exacltly like mine before
"Heh??? biaq betoiiiii hang neh mek!...minom coke?? masak coke? heh? and heh?halba uh yang bulat² tu ka bla²?", * dear friends yang duduk di besançon, u noe who's the one i'm talking about*..:p.

but, at last dia xtry jugak...malas katanya...bagus jugak, if not..she's gonna kill me for the smell that she have to bear..:p

Well², semua itu hanya dipraktikan di i have to go againts my prinsip about not taking modern medecine for this pain...i have to telan THIS:

kat Malaysia, this is the last solution...i'd never telan this pinky thingy sebab when anda terlalu bergantung dengan benda alah ini, efek dia sangatlah xbgs...but, what can i say...da banyak da kene telan..huwwwaaaa!

hurm, sekianla sharing yang tatahula boleh diteladani or not ini. 

selamat mencuba u ollss!
*untuk kita² jer..:*

Monday, March 7, 2011

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

Wanna watch it! wanna watch it!, watching au ciné would be sympa!


Quand tu étais là après la dévastation
Quand tu attendais au bord de l'inconnu
Et avec la retombée du cataclysme
Pleurant intérieurement, "Sauve moi maintenant"
Tu étais là "impossiblement" seul

Te sens-tu froid et perdu dans le désespoir
Tu reprends espoir mais échoue à tout ce que tu as connu
Rappelle-toi de toute la tristesse et frustration
Et laisse les aller
Laisse les aller

Et dans un éclat de lumière qui aveugle chaque ange
Comme si le ciel avait soufflé les paradis dans les étoiles
Tu as senti la pesanteur de la grâce trempée
Tomber dans le vide
Personne n'est là pour te prendre dans leurs bras

Te sens-tu froid et perdu dans le désespoir
Tu reprends espoir mais échoue à tout ce que tu as connu
Rappelle-toi de toute la tristesse et frustration
Et laisse les aller
Laisse les aller


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Longchamp craze!

my cousin asked me to tolong belikan dia this bag, i was like *OMG, i've been menahan myself from getting my hand on this lovely bag*.....urghhh, this is killing me...hehe...
however, even tolong belikan kat orang pom, i still can get my hand on it right? *sabar², u gt tons of handbag oredy nisha*

*i'm in the mist of being someone yang pandai berjimat, kan along kan?? ya baby sister is behaving right now...hehe, kene saving..saving..saving..puahaha*

Plus, da nak balik daaa, cane nak angkut semua kan? 
jun come faster please! *even tau nanti akan sedeh sebab kene tinggalkan this place, sobbs*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

learning french Vs my hobbies

since 5 years ago..i'd realized that banyak hobi yang selalu dilakukan and sangat digemari sudah tidak berapa diamalkan lagi, the reason y? sebab belajar bahasa perancis..yah, le fait que j'apprenne la langue francaise had killed my passions...not 100% berkait, tapi itulah yang terjadi..

i used to love membaca buku, serious!
especially novel, english and fav of course chicken soup punya series...sangat memberi inspirasi!
dulu laa..the last buku chicken soup yang dibaca adalah pada bulan april tahun lepas di Prague, pinjam kawan punya...Chicken soup for the lover souls..i guess *takut terlupa* and and..i tried banyak kali jugak untuk kembali minat membaca, i wana try to read this,

But², it's so hard...when it's in french..bukan masalah xfaham...tapi cepat kebosanan..because of the language itself..seriously! for me, bila cerita best, jadi xbest kalau dalam bahasa french...*ini mungkin terjadi sebab tiap² hari dengar lecture in french, pastu jadi muak amat*...hurmm....sangat² berharap dapat baca and hbskn this buku...

owh yeah, satu lagi..since belajar french i almost forgt dat i used to love drawing..sangat²...but alhamdulillah, since belajar here, people encourage untuk menconteng smula..and normally i draw for my frens, and buat poster² program..i'm happy when ppl love my artworks!

it's for a program adieu jahilliah

actually, i cant blame learning french for my forgotten hobbies, bcos the probleme lies in me

je suis parresseuse, vous voyez? teheee.

ok, it's 11.30 work to do... a really hard work to do...phewww!

semoga berjaya husnisha!...:p


bayangkan if i have banyak pasang mata and wear them all...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

belajar bende baru!

hoyeah..da tau da gane nak buat nasik kerabu and laksa penang..
xpayah upenya..cuma mls nak belajo jer before neh..tehee...
kene test power neh..:p

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

discovering a new side of me

i just realized dat i can be a freak when i feel threatened...
oh², this is soo not me....i used to be super kool..everythng was's ok, i trust u, nahh..kawan jer tu..

but i guess semua da berubah, and
i'm discovering a new side of me...sigh * it's a good thing right?, because being jealous maksudnya sayang and care right?*

saya nak balik malaysia cepat²!

p/s: N's A's